Friday, June 14, 2013

How to get rid of glue residue....

Went a little overboard with the glue and was fighting to get it off my desk.....was about to pull out the bottle with refined petrol, even though I just hate useing it... the fumes, yucky residue and the effect it has on my skin.....
Found a recipe for something called Goo-Gone on the Internet ..... Sounded sooooo easy I just had to try it. However, living in Denmark Baking Soda is not on the shelves in grocery stores, so I was thinking of an alternative.....NATRON!
Made a small portion to see if it really worked......:-) Worked great on my desk, but I wanted to put it to the test. Had a used jam jar, tried to get the labels off, but it was impossible....well some came off but not the glue... Used my Goo-Gone and with a little rubbing, rinsing some more Goo, a little more rubbing and the glue was GONE!!!! Amazing....

Goo-Gone recipe:

2 parts of Natron
1 part vegetable oil

Simple right...? It works:-)

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