Sunday, December 29, 2013

Three heart shaped boxes - my last project for a while....

A dear friend of mine gave me these three boxes right before Christmas. They were plain veneer. Perfect to try out the crackle technique I've seen on YT. This only goes for the burnt umber and green boxes. First I painted them white with Gesso on the entire outside. Left them to dry entirely. Then I painted the top and bottom with a good layer of white school glue. After about 5 min. I painted on top of the glue with the color I wanted. After it was completely dried it showed the most amazing crackles in the paint.... I am so satisfied with the results:-).
The reddish one I also painted with Gesso and then sprayed it with various glimmer mists and mists both store bought and home made. My first time trying the drip effect. Must say though using this technique painting over with Mod Podge to protect the surfaces is not a good idea is smudges out the spray colors. How ever a spray varnish would do.
Mod Podge or other types of varnish works great on the crackle paint after it is completely dried.

My reason for shutting down my craft room, is the need for a 100% focus on applying for jobs. Please pray for me that I will find one soon. Thank you❤️ Wishing you all a happy New Year. Hugs Lene