Sunday, June 9, 2013

Envelope for a card, gift certificate or a sweet note - tutorial

 If you want your gift or card to be noticed at the gift table - then this super easy tutorial is your answer:-)

Grab an envelope - any size but suitable for your purpose and of course able to fit the Corrugater... Glue the flap.

Cut a piece of the side - my envelope is 21 cm by 15 cm / 7,5 inch by 5,5 inch. The part I cut off was 6 cm or 2 inch. If you choose a different size reduce or increase accordingly.

 Choose two or three stamps you want to decorate the large part of the envelope. The below is how I made it, be creative and play with it...

After stamping give the envelope a corrugated look by running the two part in various directions through this device.

Decorate the top with an embellishment of your choice..
Have fun and Happy Stamping :-)

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