Saturday, August 17, 2013

A tag for a good cause.....

My friend Liz Russell from YouTube heard on FB of a sweet little 6 year old girl Liliana who has leukemia.

The cancer is going back, but it has been a hard and difficult time for the entire family.

Aug. 23. Is Liliana's birthday and all she wishes for are letters. Cards or tags.

So Liz asked among her subscribers on YT to commit to send Liliana a card or a tag.

Sending a letter to Alamo, GA take some time, and being in the finishing of a project, I decided to send a tag I made a while ago..... It is now headed to Alamo hopefully make a little girl happy. 

It is nice to help out.... In Denmark we have "operation skriv hjem" where you can make cards for our troops in Afganistan and other places. If you want to help this is a great way to do it.

Go to the blog for further details.

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