Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Awesome good news

After a long and hard December where my youngest son Martin was admitted to the hospital right before Christmas and acute surgery right after Christmas I feel it is safe to say that all is well here. Martin was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and had removed 10 inches - 25 cm of his small intestines. He has since been without symptoms gained his weight back and are back to being his old self. 
Since my kids comes first always I wished to focus all my energy on him. 
We have been very blessed with the quick recovery to enjoy the excitement and preparation of my oldest son's wedding in USA on March 25 and also being able to attend. 
Hoping now we're back to normal however knowing that Martin still has an upcoming surgery to connect his small intestine to his colon. But this should be very minor compared to the first. 
We feel very blessed and are thankful for the strength we have received from a loving Heavenly Father. 
Thanks for any prayers and kind thoughts that has been sent our way. 

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