Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What has been going on at Casa Frost....?

Hope you all are enjoying the summer where ever you are. Denmark are having an amazing HOT and humid summer. This combined with the light summer nights is heaven. 

In February I got a temporary job for a period of 14 months. As mentioned in an earlier post it was a true blessing. However, not paying very well I knew I had to find other employment.

After a lot of praying my son came across a job ad at a company I really wanted to work for....called the contact person - whom I knew - sent off an application, was called to an interview and two days later I was offered the job. Better pay, better conditions and a permanent job. The three month trail period is now over and I'm staying...I am so thankful.

A month ago my youngest was sent home from his mission in Scotland/Ireland because of medical reasons. The doctors are now assessing what would be the best treatment for him so that he can overcome the problems and return to the mission field. He is hopeful in spite of the pain...and we are praying for a quick recovery. Please have him in your prayers...thank you.

Due to my son being home now..I had to surrender my craft room to him..(it was his room before his mission).....lol. I'm having severe withdrawals ..... Need to craft! :-) but I love having him home.

My craft room are now in boxes....thinking I was organized packing ....well that is a challenge can't remember what is in the boxes....lol

Since I'm limited in crafting, I'm trying to explore other interesting things to do....and I just love Pinterest so many great ideas .... It is amazing.

I'm trying out a few things and will let you know how it turns out :-) Only want to share ideas that works...lol

Stay crafting, DIYing and happy...

And thanks for stopping by....

Lene ❤️

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