Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to make your own spray mists from acrylic paint....

Over the past number of months I've tried to make my own color and glimmer mists using acrylic paint or hobby paint.

To my disappointment I've had to throw out quite a few mist bottles because the nosell clogged up.

I've been using alcohol to dilute as well as water. I know a lot of people swear by using alcohol, but to my humble experience having used both alcohol based mists and water miste on projects at the same time the results haven't been as good as if I only used alcohol or water solely.

Wanting to experiment on how to avoid clogging up the nosell I've found a solution that works great... by accident I filled my mist bottle with hot water, then added the paint, a glass bead went in there too closed it and gave it a good shake. The hot water dilutes the paint so much easier than when using cold and the bead is just an extra help. 

After the good shake I added Perfect Pearl and shaked it once more..... 😃

I now have the most amazing color- and glimmer mists at the fraction of the price of the original ones.

I have been using 2 oz bottles. 

For my Danish readers of my blog I buy my bottles: i Tiger hvor de sælger pakker med 3 stk.  for 10kr. De er absolut fortrindelige.


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